Camp Starlight provides children whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS the opportunity to enjoy an incredible camping experience.  This is their time to play, learn, explore, and create friendships in a safe place where they know they are accepted, supported, and loved. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that receives much of our support through monetary and in-kind donations to make camp an incredible experience for our campers.  You can help support the kids of Camp Starlight by making a tax-deductible financial contribution via the PayPal button to the right.

Please consider making a donation via one of the buttons to the right.



Medical Supplies

12 cans insect repellent spray
15 cans aerosol sunscreen at least spf 30
25 triple antibiotic ointment single use pkts or 1 tube
1 pkg sugar free cough drops
1 pkg menthol cough drops
1 pkg loratidine 10 mg tabs
1 large bottle Ibuprofen 200 mg tabs
1 pkg children’s ibuprofen tabs
1 pkg children’s acetaminophen 160 mg tabs
1 pkg Pepto Bismol or equivalent tabs 48 ct.
1 pkg antacid tabs (Tums) 50-75 ct.
1 pkg Medipoint Splinter out
12 8-12 ounce pump hand sanitizers
1 pkg clean 4×4 gauze squares 200 ct.
1 pkg Dixie bathroom cups 200 ct.
50 ct. temporary tattoos kid friendly
(princesses, Super Heroes, spiders, dinosaurs & Dora are popular)

Programming Supplies

Electric Drill w/bits
Screw drivers flat/philips
Rubber Mallet
Batteries AAA,AA,C,D,9V
Tape – masking, clear
School Supplies – backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, crayons, tissue, folders, binders
Rec supplies – cones, any sport equipment
Balls (soccer, basketballs, softballs, kick balls)
Badminton set
Storable field games
Toys – small in quantity -puzzles, board games
Glow sticks (130)
Staple guns/staples
String lights (holiday/rope)
Marshmallow sticks (metal)
Pool toys (inflatables, foam)
Ritz dye for tie dye
Large size paper cutter


Operational Supplies

Sleeping bags
Bath and/or beach towels
Swim suits
Large garbage bags
100% juice boxes/pouches
Bags of popped movie popcorn
Hershey’s chocolate bars
Graham Crackers