Camp Starlight elects new President, Commission Members

The Camp Starlight Commission announced today the results of its January elections, naming Randall Bodkin as President and board co-chair. New members Ebony Frison, Mark Duell and Jennifer Block were also elected to its board of planning commissioners, with Frison also named board co-chair.  The Camp Starlight Commission is the nonprofit entity that operates Camp Starlight, a week-long summer camp for children in Oregon and Washington who are affected by HIV/AIDS. 

“Camp Starlight makes a lasting difference in the lives of our campers, creating a community where these kids can fully express themselves in a way that's free from the stigmas often associated with HIV and AIDS,” said Bodkin, who will also serve as Camp Starlight’s Camp Director this summer. “It's an honor to help lead Camp Starlight through our current period of organizational growth and community connectivity, providing a magical week at Camp Starlight to the growing number of families we serve.”

Randy Bodkin has 11 years of experience with Camp Starlight, and has co-chaired the board of commissioners since 2013.  He previously developed and directed the camp’s Counselor In Training (CIT) program for four years.  He is a Sales and Client Services Team Leader with Amica Mutual Insurance Co.

New board member Mark Duell will serve as Camp Starlight’s mental health director this summer. Duell is a social services specialist who works with patients in secure residential treatment facilities. Co-chair Ebony Frison is a social worker at a local government agency.  New commissioner-at-large Jenny Block is a freelance author and blogger for such publications as Huffington Post,, and Edge New York.  As new members of the Camp Starlight Commission board, they join sitting commissioners Janet Bailey RN, Rebecca Block Ph.D., Joanne Brown, Dr. Sarah Green, Sandi Griffin RN, Kit Noble, Melanie Smith-Wilusz, Greta Swanson, and Scott Weimer.  Camp Starlight Commission members each serve a three-year term.

Founded in 1999, Camp Starlight is a week-long residential summer camp for children in Oregon and Washington ages 5-14 who are affected by HIV/AIDS.  Many of its campers are HIV+ themselves, while others live in a household with someone who is.  Camp Starlight creates a sense of safety, acceptance and friendship where kids can enjoy a rich, rewarding and fun summer camp experience in an environment free from the burdens of stigma or shame.