Packing For Camp


With the week of Camp just a few days away, we’re getting excited as we check off all of the

items on our To-Do list. Campers and counselors are putting together lists of their own, thinking 

about what they’re going to want to bring to camp. Here are a few things to keep in mind as 

you’re trying to squeeze that suitcase shut:

  • A sleeping bag, or blankets and sheets – While the cabins are clean and the bunks 

are comfy, we all need something to tuck ourselves into at night. We provide each 

first-time camper with a new sleeping bag that they can keep; everyone else should 

bring one from home. Perfect for sleeping outside under the stars! 

  • Swim suit and towel – Everybody loves the pool! So it’s a good thing that we have 

pool-time on the schedule every day of camp. Be sure to pack your favorite beach 

towel to dry off and stay warm on the walk back to the cabin.

  • Memento from home – Sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder from home 

while at camp. A small stuffed animal or a favorite blanket can make drifting off to 

sleep a little more comforting.

  • Enough socks and underwear for a full week – Heck, let’s throw in an extra pair of 

both, just in case. 

  • Toothbrush – Keep those choppers in tip-top shape while away from home.

What happens if you get to Camp and you forgot something? We always make sure that 

campers have what they need. Kiddos can “shop” for free at Kit’s Kaboodle, our “store” of new 

or gently used clothes, shoes, toiletries, books, and lots of other good stuff. Happy packing!