Top 5 Needs: Music

Top 5 music.jpg

As the start of camp nears, Camp Starlight is still in need of donations. 

Once a week we'll be highlighting our Top 5 Needs in several areas of Camp. 


Camp Starlight begins every day with the sounds of the morning band. A mix of sleepy, but enthusiastic kids and a few counselors gather in the early hours to grab their favorite instrument and warm up their voices. Then the morning band is on the move! They make a stop at each cabin, singing the wakeup song to rustle the rest of the campers from sleep. The campers also gather for music during the day in a small building with tall ceilings and stain glass windows. They learn to play instruments, make up songs and get ideas for the talent show. Help us stock the music room and bring the sound to life!

(No mouth instruments please) 

Top 5 Needs: 

  • "World Music" hand-held instruments
  • Gently used Guitars
  • Gently used Keyboards
  • Easel pad paper
  • Small portable CD player