Top 5 Needs: Arts & Crafts

Camp Starlight Arts and Crafts

As the start of camp nears, Camp Starlight is still in need of donations. 

Once a week we'll be highlighting our Top 5 Needs in several areas of Camp.  

Arts & Crafts

There is never a dull moment in Arts & Crafts, but there are lots messy ones! When the campers arrive at Arts & Crafts, some run straight for the glitter, others gather around the button maker, and some get started on painting right away. As the campers work on their projects, conversations bubble though the room about their favorite parts of camp and what they are planning for the talent show later in the week. This camp staple never gets old, because there is always something new to do! 

Top 5 Needs: 

  • Rit Dye (for Tie Dye!)
  • Tempura paints
  • Rolls of Butcher paper
  • Fimo clay - no bake style
  • Beads