Top 5 Needs: Recreation

Camp Starlight Rec Sports

As the start of camp nears, Camp Starlight is still in need of donations. 

Once a week we'll be highlighting our Top 5 Needs in several areas of Camp. 

Recreation Sports

Kickball is a popular game during “rec time” involving campers and counselors alike. It can be fierce, but mostly fun, with some of us opting to make daisy chains in the outfield. This year we have a new tire swing for the bravest of campers and a HUGE soccer field for all-day fun. Only 11 days until camp and we can’t wait to play! Any new or used donations are greatly appreciated—and as always, we can arrange for pickup! 

Top 5 Needs:

  • Soccer/Foot balls - nerf and original
  • Hula Hoops (10)
  • Frisbees (10)
  • Wifflebats (3) & balls (20)
  • Kickball/playground balls - (5)